Scientists from the University of California, Berkeley have revolutionized seismic monitoring with their pioneering MyShake app. The program uses a global seismic network to detect and alert people around the world in case of an earthquake. It crowdsources data from users’ phones that detect vibrations caused by earthquakes and sends a notification to all nearby users. You can download a free official version of MyShake on this page.

The app facilitates quicker response times and heightened awareness when navigating natural disasters, enabling you to stay one step ahead. With its ability to create early detection alerts, the program has become an invaluable tool for communities at risk of experiencing earthquakes.

MyShake also has a real-time monitoring system that enables the user to follow seismic activity as it happens on their phone or another device. With this feature, users can be informed about potential dangers even before they happen, allowing them to take the necessary steps to stay safe.

MyShake is not only extremely useful for emergency response, it can also provide scientists with data to help them gain a better understanding of earthquakes and anticipate seismic activity. With its global presence, it has already become a valuable source of seismic information - helping researchers gain crucial insight into earthquake activity around the world.